Terms & Condition

Jeetloinda.com is a unique reverse auction owned, a company incorporated under Indian companies act. Participation in auctions held on this website is only open to Indian Citizens residing in India and are of age 18 years and over. The terms and conditions set out below form the basis of the binding legal agreement between Jeetloindia.com and you, the Bidder, and sets out the terms and conditions governing your participation in Jeetloindia.com auctions on this site. These terms and conditions (and any amendments thereto from time to time) set out the entire agreement between Jeetloindia.com and the Bidder to the exclusion of all other terms, representations or arrangements whatsoever. Please read the terms carefully. By Participating /registering with Jeetloindia.com you agree to become a potential Bidder and accept the terms and conditions set out below. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms on every subsequent occasion on which you use the Jeetloindia.com website. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not accept them or continue to use the website. Jeetloindia.com is entitled to change these terms and conditions at its discretion. The new terms and conditions will govern all Jeetloindia.com auctions that commence after the time when they are published on this site. Jeetloindia.com will bring new terms and conditions to the attention of Bidders by referring to them on the screen first accessed by Bidders when they visit the website. As the terms and conditions may change from time to time, the Bidder should update their knowledge of the terms regularly.


  • "Auction” means a specific auction according to the auction format further described in these Terms and as promoted by Jeetloindia.com.
  • "Bid" means a proposal by a specific Bidder to pay a specific Bid Amount for a product or in Auction.
  • “Auction Item” means the specific item for which bids are offered in the auction. These items are owned by auctioneer. "Bid Amount" means a value in Indian Rupees and paisa which may be proposed in one or more Bids
  • “Bid Point” or “Bid Points” means a promotional loyalty point that may be earned through promotions that may be offered as part of the Auction service and which may be used to pay for Auction Bidding Fees, Bid Points may also be referred to as “Jeetloinda.com Bid points” within this agreement, in our promotional materials and on the Website.
  • "Winning Bid Amount" means the amount paid by the Selected Bidder or Selected Bidders to purchase the Auction Item
  • "Bidder" means a person who submits a Bid
  • "Reverse Auction" means an auction with a Lowest Bid Accepted where the winner is the person who submits the Lowest Unique Bid.
  • "Lowest Bid Accepted" means the minimum Bid Amount, determined by Jeetloindia.com, which can be Bid in a Reverse Auction. Where no specific amount is specified by Jeetloindia.com, then the Lowest Bid Accepted shall be a Bid Amount of 1 paisa.
  • "Maximum Number of Bids" means the maximum number of Bids that will be accepted in a specific Auction regardless of the bid cycle of the auction. Where, we have not specified the Maximum Number of Bids, there shall be no limit to the number of Bids that will be accepted in a specific Auction.
  • "Bid Cycle” means the date or number of bids at which Our Auction will close, unless extended, previously closed or cancelled at our discretion, even if the Maximum Number of Bids has not been reached.
  • "Bid Increment" means the step amount separating possible Bid Amounts. Where we have not specified the Bid Increment, the Bid Increment for Bid Amounts shall be 1 paisa. "Unique Bid" means a Bid that is not the same Bid Amount as any other Bid for a specific Auction offered by us.
  • “Lowest Unique Bid” means the lowest Bid that is not the same Bid Amount as any other Bid for a specific Auction offered by us.
  • "Unique Bid Response" means a message sent to a Bidder after a Bid is submitted telling that Bidder whether the Bid was unique, unique but not the lowest, not unique or the lowest unique bid at the time the Bid was made. If a Bid is unique when it is submitted, it does not necessarily mean that the Bid will still be unique at the End of Bid Cycle.
  • "Free Bid(s)" means the Bid(s) per Bidder that may be made without any Bidding Fee being charged. Only the specified amount of Free Bid(s) per Bidder may be made over the internet.
  • “Loyalty Points” or “Bid Points” means points awarded to and redeemed by users through our customer loyalty program (if applicable to the Auction).
  • "Bidding" or "Auction Bidding Fee" means a fee that is levied for each Bid other than the Free Bid(s) and payable via Debit Card or net banking over the internet. The bidding or auction fee is non - refundable to bidders .
  • "Selected Bidder" or "Selected Bidders" means the Bidder or Bidders determined to have the right to purchase a specific product or proceed to another selection stage if applicable .
  • "Qualifying Unique Bid" means a Bid that is not the same Bid Amount as any other Bid for a particular Item in a specific Auction offered by us.
  • After winning the first product when you win 2nd product then you have to Buy BID Point 10% of won product MRP or minimum 1000 rs. which one is big. you have to buy bid point within 1 Hour after the expiry of 2nd won product.Other wise you will not be Eligible to claim your won product.
  • Note - It is compulsory for all product after winning 1st product & also compulsory for all type of Delivery (Convert bid point)

Important Terms & Conditions

If you bid the lowest unique bid at the closing of an auction cycle (as specified earlier by us), you may buy the product for which you submitted the bid at that bid price according to the conditions set forth in these Terms, which constitute a legal agreement between you and Jeetloindia.com. The maximum number of allowed paid bids per auction per user will vary according to the auction and will be described in the auction detail page or it will be max no limit Bids per auction Each Bidder will only be allowed to use a maximum of 30000 bid points per auction.

To participate in our reverse auctions you may be required to pay bidding fees which may vary. The exact bidding fee is auction specific and will be stated in each auction or promotion.

All products which you may win in a bid are non-transferable and you cannot opt for cash in lieu of your products or ask for an alternative product. In case you opt out of buying the products by being a successful bidder, the next lowest unique bidder will qualify for the products and the bidding fee paid by you will be forfeited. We and any third party supplier that we may use from time to time will not be held responsible for any breakdown in communications systems or networks which might result in a bid not being registered.

Terminologies used in these Terms will have the meaning as defined below:

Logging in from multiple browsers is strictly banned. On trying to login through different browsers, you will be warned thrice, after which your account will be permanently banned. Logout process from the Jeetloindia.com -Once registered or logged in on Jeetloindia.com and done with the bidding or any activity on Jeetloindia.com then pls. log out properly by clicking on logout button provided on the Jeetloindia.com home page. Also if you have used any 3rd party Application or website to Register or login on Jeetloindia.com like Facebook Connect then pls. ensure that to logout properly from your account on Jeetloindia.com, you have to click on log out button on Jeetloindia.com Home page and if you are leaving the terminal or laptop or computer system then pls. make sure that you should also get logout from any of these 3rd party website or Application. Jeetloindia.com should not be held responsible if the user’s account is missed used by anyone else because of failing to execute the mentioned process. Jeetloindia.com will also not liable to reimburse or refund in any kind in case of loss of Money or Bid points from user’s account. You undertake that you yourself will bid in all auctions in which you have participated, and not use any software programs, bots, devices or any other form of external assistance to bid. Any attempt to employ any such external assistance will result in you being debarred from further participation and cancellation of your registration with us. By registering on www.jeetloindia.com.com as a member you will be treated as an participant to electronic communication and we will assume that you have also given us a consent to receive communication from us electronically on the same mobile number. jeetloindia.com exercises all necessary precautions to ensure that the bidding process is transparent and fair where equal opportunity is provided to all bidders to bid and try to win the product(s) for which bids are invited. Should it come to jeetloindia.com notice that you have tried to or are trying to sub verse or prejudice the bidding process to your advantage or have tried to or are gaining unfair advantage over other bidders by any means including by means of any software, code, script, unauthorized access or by exceeding authorized access to any part, process or application of jeetloindia.com servers, your bid will be immediately cancelled and you will forfeit the right to buy any products even if you are the successful bidder in any auction. Should we come to know of any such act after the auction is concluded and the product has been already shipped to you or is in your possession, we have legal and contractual right to obtain the product back from you unconditionally. Additionally, such an act will result in you being debarred from further participation and cancellation of your registration with us without prejudice to any legal recourse we may have if such act amounts to an offence under any law in force in India. We receive online payments only no cash transaction is allowed on jeetloindia.com. The products images are relevant to their respective company and owners. On winning products the color of products may vary. The respective brands and company are responsible for guarantee and warranty on the products.

We are not responsible for any damage caused on the product while shipping the item. Service tax on the winning product is payable by customers.

The Concept

In order to qualify and be identified as a successful bid, the following priority parameters will be followed: Bid Price: The lowest and unique price bid always super cedes the higher and unique or the higher and lower non-unique price bids; The bid has to be unique as well as the lowest bid to be the winner. For e.g. if the lowest bid is 1 paisa. However if more than one person has given 1 paisa as the bid price, 1 paisa may not qualify as the winning bid. The next lowest bid (for e.g. 2 paisa) which is also unique (i.e. not given by any other User) shall qualify as the winner. Team Jeetlo India